What will be the impact on IR of a move from Active to Passive?

Some say the move from Active to Passive investment strategies is inevitable because the cost/performance differential can’t be justified.

A recent survey by the IBM Institute for Business Value covering 2,750 investment industry executives, including those at endowments, foundations, and SWFs, predicts that passive investments will overtake actively managed funds.  Today 70% of global assets are in active funds, which charge 1.25% on average.  But over the next three years, 65% of respondents planned to move to passive strategies which charge less than 0.2%.  Extrapolating the data suggests that in 20 years, 85-90% of assets will be in passive strategies, with the remaining 10-15% in hedge funds, private equity and other alternative asset classes.

But just as the recent financial crisis has exposed the flaws in efficient-market hypothesis (EMH), so a move to more indexing could provide opportunities for active managers.

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