About CorporateAccessNetwork.com

Phoenix-IR’s CorporateAccessNetwork facilitates direct contact between investors and the management of publicly listed companies. It is a notification platform designed to streamline meeting planning. When an investor registers their interest in a given stock, the company is immediately informed of this interest and can then set up a call or organize a meeting, either directly or through a third party sponsor of their choice. The platform is designed to be easy to use and to be fast. As an independent, open platform, free from any conflicts of interest, the CorporateAccessNetwork is also available to all investors. By subscribing to the CorporateAccessNetwork, public companies are able to truly cover 100% of the addressable market of institutional investors. The CorporateAccessNetwork helps public companies offer full and fair disclosure which is open, transparent and comprehensive. It also helps investors by making sure companies are kept fully aware of every investor who is interested in them.

The network which helps investors never miss a company and companies never miss an investor.