Phoenix IR is a specialist firm focused on providing a number of strategic investor relations services to public companies wishing to market their shares to the investment communities on both sides of the Atlantic and the Middle East. In a highly competitive environment Phoenix IR provides meaningful recommendations in order to develop the investor relations programs of its clients.


Through a bespoke quantitative and qualitative approach, Phoenix IR goes beyond the traditional peer ownership holdings, out-of-date public ownership data and financial ratio analysis in evaluating the interest of potential new investors. The firm provides meaningful results through its personalized pre-qualification of investors. Phoenix IR has no conflicts of interest and will not compromise its reputation by recommending inappropriate targets.

  • Geographic recommendations
  • Prioritization of targets
  • Specialized investment orientation navigation (value, growth, GARP, hedge funds, socially responsible investors, special situation investors, sovereign wealth funds)

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Corporate Access News

December 2017
Lockheed Martin
Phoenix-IR roadshow for Lockheed Martin (LMT) in London

December 2017
Nasdaq 37th Investor Conference
Phoenix-IR advised Nasdaq on its 37th Investor Conference of 68 companies in London

November 2017
Safeguard Scientifics
Phoenix-IR roadshow for Safeguard Scientifics (SFE) in London, Edinburgh, Zurich

November 2017
Phoenix-IR roadshow for IBM (IBM) in Netherlands, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva and Zurich

November 2017
Phoenix-IR roadshow for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in Edinburgh and London