• "Please thank Saint Gobain for using an IR consultancy rather than a broker. As I am sure you are well aware, brokers offer meetings to those fund managers who pay them the most commissions rather than those who might be shareholders."
    London-based fund manager
  • "We have used Phoenix Investor Relations for most of our European N.D. road shows. The firm knows all the key people in all the key institutions across Europe and they have an excellent logistics network (Cars, hotels, restaurants, etc.). Excellent preparation and follow-up interviews. They have been well worth the fee vs. being at the mercy of a sell-side trading desk."
    Douglas Wilburne, Vice President, Investor Relations - Textron Inc.
  • "Because we don't talk to four or five big sell side houses and we're not clients, we don't always get informed when they are hosting companies in London. Recently, a company in which we are a big shareholder came through town and we only found out afterwards. We don't file and don't appear on share registers but we are a long term, long only pension fund; the type of shareholder most companies like to have."
    Senior US equity fund manager, In-house pension fund with TAUM ∼$50 billion
  • "I've cut back the number of brokers I work with which can create problems when a company's roadshow broker isn't one of them. That's why nowadays I prefer independents like Phoenix-IR."
    Leading London-based investor
  • Phoenix-IR's pan-European investor survey provided "More European intelligence than I've ever had." Shelly J. Doran, Vice President of Investor Relations - Simon Property Group
  • "It is a very good balance to have companies here without a broker attached as that sometimes distorts them in some way or fashion. The advantage having an independent adviser at the meeting is that management seems to be more relaxed talking about the company. When they are with a broker it sometimes seems to reflect the investment bankerís view in their presentations." European US equity fund manager
  • "It is very difficult for investors to give feedback to market participants such as the sell-side because we donít know how they will use our information. Iím much more comfortable providing my views to Phoenix-IR because they are independent and I trust that my remarks about a company or its management will be treated confidentially and only be passed directly to the issuer." Sanjay Jhaveri, Senior fund manager, technology, Vontobel Asset Management, Zurich
  • "We get better access to companies through independent IR companies like Phoenix, because we are not one of the biggest or most actively traded funds. Brokers tend to favour those investors generating the most commissions. Companies that just rely on brokers for their investor relations also seem the least well organized." European Portfolio Manager, Top 5 self-managed pension fund, London
  • "We find Phoenix-IR extremely helpful in arranging company meetings with senior management. This type of corporate access is integral to our investment process." Lance Phillips, Head of Overseas Equities, Standard Life Investments, Edinburgh
  • "I really think what you do is so much better than the sell-side model. I'm an advocate of Phoenix-IR and its services and recommend that companies use you when visiting Europe. Independence is important." London-based global equity advisory firm
  • "Independent firms such as Phoenix IR are an effective means for companies to gain access to long-term investors. In our opinion, this is a far superior model to the investment banks who are focused on providing corporate access to high revenue generating clients - often the kind of short-term investors that companies should not want on their shareholder register!" Louise Keeling, Director, Marathon Asset Management, London
  • "The advantage of firms like Phoenix IR is that there are none of the conflicts of interest that frequently lead investment banks to give company management contact to the best generators of trading volumes rather than the long term investors that companies want." Adrian Darley, Head of European Equities, Resolution Asset Management, London
  • "We see around a 100 companies a year in the US and a similar number come to visit us in London through brokers and independent investor relations companies like Phoenix-IR. As we only speak to a small number of brokers some companies don't come to see us when they are in the UK." Head of US equities, U.K.'s second largest self managed pension fund
  • "We always prefer companies travelling with independent providers and not working with brokers for corporate access." Leading Swiss investment manager, Zurich
  • "Access is not quite as good as it might be given that brokers don't like the fact that we don't trade. This is where independents like Phoenix come in; you and the companies, I assume, would like long term investors whereas brokers want people who trade..... Brokers don't drive them towards long term investors, they drive them to those who pay brokers most and that's not going to be very good for the company in the long run." Co-Founder and Head of European Equities,
    Independent Investment Management Company, managing $42bn of Equities

  • "Not surprisingly given in-house pension funds' low visibility, corporate access can be a problem. This is partly because USS is not high profile as a fund and partly because everything is held via a nominee account so USS's name doesn't always appear on the share register......The other problem is if a company does a road show with a broker USS doesn't talk to. USS can get overlooked when brokers allocate one-on-ones given that it is not a huge client (as it doesn't trade stocks!). This is ironic given that USS is likely to be just the kind of institution companies would rather have on their share register." Elizabeth Fernando, Head of European Equities, USS

Corporate Access News

June 2022  Request Invite
Phoenix-IR set up a virtual roadshow in the UK and Europe for Textainer (TGH)

June 2022  Request Invite
LKQ Corporation
Phoenix-IR set up an in-person roadshow in London and Zurich for LKQ Corporation (LKQ)

June 2022  Request Invite
Edison International
Phoenix-IR set up an in-person roadshow in the UK and continental Europe for Edison International (EIX)

June 2022  Request Invite
Nasdaq 46th Investor Conference
Phoenix-IR is pleased to work again with Nasdaq for the 46th Nasdaq Investor Conference (in-person in London)

May 2022
Open Text Corporation
Phoenix-IR set up a virtual roadshow with investors in the UK and continental Europe for Open Text Corporation (OTEX)

May 2022
Kellogg Company
Phoenix-IR set up a virtual roadshow with investors in the UK and Ireland for Kellogg Company (K)